We are a waste collection and recycling company, that resells and reuses items we collect from our customers. This is what we all need to do, to help in some way to reduce mass consumption. We are not here to preach to anyone, just to shine a little light on what we do, to help. 


To be a company that is apart of the bigger picture, making sure to get to the other people to understand that we all need to reuse and recycle


Grow MK LONDYN WASTE to be recognised as a company with a long lasting goals. Understanding the need to reinvent the use of waste and recycling of waste.


Treat customers in the same way we want to be treated. Giving respect to all that we come in contact with.


We Provide The Best Waste Collection Service

We believe in what we do, is helping reuse and bringing back to life items that would have been destroyed. Preserving peace’s of history a little bit longer.

Fast Work

We get the job done quickly and leave if clean


We are here to make life easy and our skills makes it happen

Help To Grow

Helping the environment to stay clean and grow

Loving What We Do

We love the job and the joy it bring to others

We know About Waste

Let's Recycle, Reuse and Relove Items From The Past

Help and reuse old furniture, by revamping the condition of the item.